Nutrition is the basis for our health.  Whether you’re concerned about health, optimum performance or ideal body composition nutrition plays an integral role.  All clients of EXL get access to done-for-you meal plans to help them achieve their goals.  If you need accountability and nutrition education we offer the premier nutrition education program…Precision Nutrition.  Along with body composition analysis and measurements Precision Nutrition provides bi-weekly meetings to provide accountability and education.


Along with nutrition and fitness, supplementation is always a component.  One of the 10 Habits of Highly Lean Eaters is to eat whole foods whenever possible.  Life, however, does not always allow this and sometimes supplementation is necassary.  Here is a list of supplements I use and recommend.  Most are from a very reputable brand called Prograde.  In an industry with no quality control with a lot of companies selling bottles full of junk, Prograde stands out by guaranteeing their products.  They are a GMP rated “A” company.  Which means what they say is in the bottle is IN the bottle.

Here are some of my other blog posts about nutrition:

Get Happy…Get Results

As a body transformation specialist I hear a lot of comments like, “Once I get this 10 pounds off….”, or “When I get down to “x” percent body fat…”, or “I just want to fit into my skinny jeans then I’ll be happy.” These are all good goals because they


Got Passion?

***This is an excerpt from a newsletter I wrote to all the EXL clients this last April, so it’s a little out of season, but the message is timeless.*** This time of year is challenging for me.  I find it hard to transition from winter to spring, from ski season

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Pearls of Wisdom Gleaned from the NSCA National Convention

During the week of the Fourth of July  I attended the national convention for the  NSCA  (National Strength and Conditioning Association) in Las Vegas.  At this convention I had the opportunity to attend workshops and lectures from some of the brightest minds in my field.  I’ve been training for 16 year


Whole Wheat Flour vs. Whole Grain Flour

I’ve asked Brandon Kendrick (EXL Fitness Boot Camper) and local healthy cooking expert to guest blog for me about a common labeling conundrum…whole wheat flour vs. whole grain flour. The average person in America will walk down the bread isle in a grocery store and see that a lot of

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Think Skinny This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again.  One of the reasons the American waistline is ever-expanding is holiday weight gain.  Depending on the study, the average American gains between 3-11 pounds during the holidays.  Most don’t lose the holiday weight during the ensuing New Year’s resolution rush to the


Protein Powders, Meal Replacement and Workout/Recovery Shakes…What’s the Difference?

Protein powder, meal replacement powder (MRP), workout/recovery shake…these are all supplements that I recommend, but there is a lot of confusion surrounding them.  Most people think they are all the same, “I just buy a big bag/jug of protein powder from Costco/Gold’s Gym/GNC and use it for everything.”  This maybe


Supplements are they just a bunch of crap?

I get hit up all the time to attend a meeting to check out “some new, miracle juice company…with an ‘optional’ business opportunity.”  The self-proclaimed “nutrition experts” rhapsodize about how the secret ingredient cured their aunt’s incurable cancer, helped Little Timmy grow back his severed leg and that it could


Nutrition Tip #8 Fiber Facts

Tip #8 Fiber Facts by Dr. John Berardi Shoot for about 40-50g of mixed fiber per day, but no more. The absolute lower limit is 20g per day. Your main fiber sources should be (in order of importance): vegetables, beans, nuts, fruit, and grains (like oatmeal). If you eat 1


Whey…No Whey??

Why do most protein powders contain whey?  Click the link below to find out. Stay Fit Mat “the trainer” Mat Gover BS, CSCS and Pam Gover CPT are Orem fitness boot camp instructors, personal trainers, and real world fat loss experts. They also own EXL Fitness & Performance, a


Holiday Nutrition Tip #2

Last week we discussed how crucial it is for you to have a PLAN to control your calorie intake during the holidays. In fact, on the Grocery Store Tour this last Saturday we really pounded home that if you “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Today’s tip is even more