FAQ Boot Camp

Below are some common questions that we receive from EXL Fitness Boot Camp prospects:

Q.  How much does the program cost?

A.  We are not your average boot camp (Voted best Boot Camp in Utah Valley).   EXL Fitness Personal Training Boot Camp is different than any program in the valley.  For this reason are prices are usually higher than other programs.  Our client’s get personalized attention that is similar to a personal training session (hence the name…EXL Fitness Personal Training Boot Camp).  Price range will vary depending on the length of commitment (4, 8, or 12 month commitment), paid in full or monthly financing.  We always have heavily discounted rates for a 1 month trial of boot camp for first time campers as well as returning clients.

Cross Trainer (2 x week).  Popular option for those that are already active (cycling, running, skiing, yoga) and are looking to add some gym time to their routine.  It’s also one of our most affordable options. $149-$199/month

Rapid Results EXL Personal Training Boot Camp Pkg (Unlimited). Best price per session and get the best results.  $199-$249/month

EXL Boot Camp Express Camp (3 x week). This is the most affordable group training package.  Cardio campers enjoy 2-3 express (30 min)  camps  a week utilizing full body exercises to ignite their metabolism.  EXL’s Express Campers enjoy all the benefits of a full nutrition program and home boot camp workouts as well as the accountability of working with a personal trainer. $99/month (recently discounted from $132/month)

Q. What forms of payment do you accept and do you offer any deals or discounts?

A.  We accept: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Check ($20 service fee per check if financed monthly)


1. Discounts offered for additional family members

2. 15% military or public servant discount

We offer regular deals and challenges through our email list so sign up on our email list today.

Q.  When are boot camps offered?  And what does each camp consist of?

A.  EXL Fitness Boot Camp is a non-military style boot camp offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5, 6, 7, 9:15 am, 12 pm as well as 5:30.  Camp is 1 hour long.  Camp consists of state of the art warm-up emphasizing self massage, mobility, stability and activation exercises to best prevent unwanted injury and maximize the effectiveness of the workout.  The core of the workout is a strength program utilizing body weight exercises and other tools including medicine balls, dumbbells, slide boards, kettlebells, resistance bands, and a myriad of other types of training tools.  The main focus of boot camp is to elevate your metabolism (studies show an elevated metabolism for up to 38 hours after a highly metabolic strength program such as boot camp).  If melting fat is your goal or training for sport and getting fit is your goal, then this is your program.   The added benefit of the camp is that exercise becomes one less thing to stress about.  You show up, do the workout and you’ll be in and out in an hour.

All campers enjoy…

1.     Highly metabolic boot camp workouts designed by a certified personal trainer.  Workouts include state of the art core training, cutting edge injury prevention exercises, strength training and energy system development.

2.     16 Week Rapid Fat Loss Cardio Program

3.     Carb Rotation Diet Program with hundreds of meal plans

4.     Nutrition education

5.     Initial orientation with measurements and body composition analysis (body fat measurement), anthropomorphic measurements, basic cardio and strength tests

6.     Not to mention accountability, camaraderie, fun and RESULTS!!

7.     Family and referral discounts available

Optional  Boot Camp Express and Maximizing Your Metabolism nutrition classes available

Q.  How long is each boot camp?

A.  EXL Fitness Personal Training Boot Camp runs year round and is broken up into phases that are about 3 months long followed by a break or “off week”.  These breaks correlate with holidays and other events (spring break, 4th of July, Fall Break, Christmas).  In other words, EXL Fitness Boot Camp runs on a 47 week calender year.  This allows for vacations, helps prevent injury and burnout.  Maintenance workout and meal plans are provided during these recovery periods as well.

Q.  What is the new camper orientation?

A.  New Camper Orientation is one of our most beneficial events we have for all new boot campers. You’ll learn multiple things, but the main purpose is to get “oriented” with how EXL Boot Camp works. Here’s what we cover in Orientation:

  • You’ll learn the EXL Magic Pill Formula. We cover the 5 ingredient to the EXL Magic Pill that will help you transform your body as fast and safe as possible.
  • You’ll learn about goal setting including the “3 Pillars of Power”, “The Training Effect” and the importance of passion.
  • We will also cover the home cardio program, nutrition program and “1 Habit @ a Time”
  • You’ll get your starting measurements including weight, body fat %, and inches.

Please wear workout clothes (I have a locker room if you need to change) to ensure we get accurate measurements.

It is also very helpful if you read through the nutrition and cardio programs before the orientation as well. The orientation will last for approximately an hours. We hold orientations about every 2 weeks. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND AN ORIENTATION BEFORE YOU START BOOT CAMP.

Q.  What is EXL Boot Camp Express?

A.  EXL Boot Camp  Express is a 30 minute class utilizing primarily body weight exercises in a high intensity interval training format (900% more effective for burning body fat than steady state traditional cardio).  It is offered Tues and Thurs at 6:00-6:30 am; 6:00-6:30 pm as well as Saturday morning at 8:30am.  Your in and out quickly.  It’s ideal for those short on time or those looking for a more affordable training option.

Q.  Do I need to be in shape first to come to boot camp?

A.  All levels of fitness are accommodated in boot camp.  Each exercise is taught with multiple levels of intensity from beginner to advanced.  If there is one thing you will notice in camp is the wide array of campers.  Campers of all ages, sizes and fitness levels enjoy the benefits of this highly motivating form of group exercise.

Q.  What do I wear and bring to camp?

A.  Light, breathable clothing is recommend for boot camp.  Please avoid wearing clothing that is too big- we need to be able to see your body move and assess different joint positions to best make necessary technique corrections.  A good pair of athletic shoes designed for activity (running shoes, cross trainers, basketball or tennis shoes) is required.  We are big fans of training in minimalistic shoes.

Bring a water bottle or approved workout/recovery shake in a shaker bottle.  A hand towel is also recommended.

Q.  How does nutrition factor into the program and what kind of results can I expect.

A.  Nutrition is critical for any type of fitness goal from performance to ideal body composition.  To avoid overwhelming new campers and to ease the transition into adopting healthier dietary habits all trial campers get an introductory nutrition program providing basic nutrition guidelines and meal plans.  At the end of the trial period new paying campers will be eligible for our monthly grocery store tour and nutrition seminar.  The seminar will explain all the tenets of optimal health, performance and body composition.  In addition, new paying campers will be provided with The Carb Rotation Diet complete with monthly fat blasting meal plans.

Results vary depending on the health of your body and how adherent you are to the program.  We’ve had clients lose up to 4 pounds of fat a week, 2% body fat a month and 13 inches in 6 weeks.  Just by coming to boot camp I can guarantee improved fitness, energy, strength and overall well being.  Fat loss will mostly be dictated by how well you do with nutrition and exercise.  For this reason we offer routine body composition tests as well as nutrition education courses.

Q.  How is boot camp different than Crossfit?

A.  First off, Crossfit is a great program when administered correctly with the right client.  It is aimed at “forging elite athletes”.  It utilizes a lot of the same exercises we do in boot camp, but they also include a lot of highly technical exercises (Olympic lifts) that when performed by everyday people (who are not elite athletes) can lead to serious injury.  We choose less technical exercises that are “auto-limiting”.  Meaning, you can either perform the exercise or you can’t.  When you are fatigued you will have to stop and rest.  Even if you are able to squeak out an ugly repetition in a fatigued state you are not at a high risk of injury with the exercise…unlike with Olympic lifts.  Don’t get me wrong, we love “Oly” lifts.  We just reserve them for our personal training situations where closer coaching and safety measures are in place.

We also focus a large part of our training on “injury resistance”.  I have found that most people have a “bum” shoulder, knee, hip or a “tricky” back, ankle or neck.  So we incorporate rehabilitation type exercises and stretches in our warm up to get these joints feeling and moving better and in a way “bullet proofing” theses joints from further injury.

One of the biggest difference is our personalized experience.  We are not just getting our clients tired by providing a workout.  We help our clients establish realistic goals with follow-up visits to track progress.  If you miss a workout or two we are contacting you to find out why and how we can get you back on track.  We are personally invested in your progress.  We work with you on your nutrition and lifestyle habits to make you a “happy camper” by getting you to your end result.

We also keep our camp sizes relatively small with an average camp size of 8-15 campers.  This keeps a great client to trainer ratio for a more personalized setting.

Our boot camp workouts tend to be a little longer and more cardio based (higher calorie burn) than Crossfit.  While we utilize competition in our training we prioritize other forms of accountability and motivation to inspire hard work and consistency.

We also offer various client appreciation “adventures” including snowshoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, mountain biking and even ice climbing.  We have found these events to be great benchmarks to train for as well as amazing opportunities to see how strong our clients become both physically and mentally.



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