Here is a list of equipment that we use in the studio for boot camps and personal training.  Most equipment can be used at home or while traveling.  I get all my equipment through Perform Better.  They are experts in everything for training and rehabilitation.

Foam Roller: You can’t beat the effectiveness of this self massage tool.  Everyone should have one. It breaks down adhesions and knots in muscles, and just makes you feel better.  They are available for sale in the gym for $20 for an 18″ high density foam roller.  I’ve found that this high density foam last longer and penetrates better than the “normal” foam rollers.


Mini Bands are primarily used for warm ups and rehabilitation exercises but they have many options.

I buy these bands in bulk. If these are the only items you are purchasing from PB the total plus S&H is almost $23. If you want to save a few bucks and time I sell them for $20.

Resistance Bands are used for a myriad of exercises. We use them for “X” band walks and to assist in pull ups/chinups. I actually prefer these large rubber bands over “normal” exercise bands with handles.  Perform Better carries these bands as well, but I prefer the color coded RBT resistance bands better.

Val Slides are a great alternative to the slide boards. They are very portable and versatile.

The TRX Suspension System or Jungle Gym for full body workout options.

FP Elite Medicine Balls, Dynamax Medicine Balls: I’ve used many brands of medicine balls and these are the best.  The FP brand are great because they maintain their shape and have a true bounce.  I recommend rubber bouncing balls up to 12 lbs, anything heavier, due to safety concerns,  I would recommend the non-bouncing Dynamax.  The Dynamax  have minimal bounce.  The Dynamax’s advantage is that it is big and soft, but it does not bounce true.  It can be used for energy work…smashes, basket toss.  The Dynamax is great for partner throws and I like using it as a squat box.

Goaler 1 Portable Slide Board: What a great cardio workout option and there are many strength options as well…like leg curls, lunges and push ups.  And a big bonus is that it rolls up and is portable.

Duraball Pro Stability Ball:  This ball is made by the guy who came up with the fitness ball idea, Paul Check. There are many fitness balls out there.  This is the best because it is rated to handle a lot of weight.  Other balls, especially cheap latex balls, can burst when pressure is applied to them.  The Duraball can be used for weighted exercises like dumbbell presses.  Other balls may burst or become distorted with that kind of pressure.  A little more expensive than other brands but, definitely more durable.

Weight Vests: What a great way to add intensity to body weight exercises.  We like the X-vest for it’s heavier options 40+ lbs, but prefer the Uni-vest for lighter vests, 20 lbs or less.  The Uni-vest can be doubled up for heavier options.

Exercise Wheel: A classic design, and hard to beat anterior core tool.

The Stick: A very portable self massage tool.